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Service with Integrity

Benefits of Marketing with CCGC

Why should a producer market with the Cooperative?

  • Second oldest cotton marketing cooperative in the United States, founded in 1922. Proven staying power in cotton market.
  • Owned by over 1,770 member/producers. 100% Producer owned.
  • Board of Directors consists of 12 cotton producers.
  • Financed through the Commercial Banking System and Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC).
  • All merchandising gains (weight, quality gains, carrying charges, government price support system, etc.) returned to member.
  • Our presence in the market benefits members and non-members. If Carolinas Cotton Growers Cooperative, Inc. were not here, it would be more difficult for growers to get a fair price for their crop, since their only outlet would be independent buyers.
  • The Cooperative does not "purchase" the cotton as independent buyers do. The producer/member passes title for the cotton he produces on a particular farm directly to the Cooperative with a Marketing Agreement. This type of agreement is for three reasons:
    1. Marketing advantages (price) are available when large pools of cotton are submitted for optimizing quality, creating potential for high prices and reducing handling costs.
    2. By operating on behalf of an individual grower, the Cooperative can utilize the Form G Loan contract through Commodity Credit Corporation and generate a prompt payment (often called an "advance") to the member for cotton delivered.
    3. The member can market the cotton and receive advances and the Cooperative can still collect marketing loan gains or LDP's for distribution back to the members'.

What is our Objective?

  • To maximize the producer/member's profit while adding value to the cotton produced over the entire marketing period.
  • To enhance our members' incomes.
  • To give the mills on-time deliveries of the quantities and qualities of cotton they purchase.
  • To provide "Service with Integrity" that encourages trust and confidence in the Cooperative and exceeds the standards of business and personal conduct.

What is our Marketing Program?

  • All members' bales are marketed through pooling arrangements.
  • Producer signs up by Farm Serial Number.
  • Flexible Marketing Pool Options.

PDF icon Carolinas Cotton Growers Cooperative Marketing Brochure


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